Fredericton's Innovation Ecosystem

Fredericton ranks among Canada's most entrepreneurial communities. Since 2009, the city has produced more than $1 Billion in knowledge industry exits. Fredericton's incubator and accelerator system produces consistently successful start-ups. And Fredericton won five of nine Start-Up Canada regional awards in 2016.

Innovation District

Within a two square km area in Fredericton, there are clusters of stakeholders with a vested interest in nurturing innovation in key sectors, including the area’s more than 60 research institutions, chairs, and organizations as well as the University of New Brunswick where more than 75% of the province’s publically funded research is conducted.    

Digital Product Development Living Lab

Fredericton, with its world-leading digital infrastructure and R&D capacity, has become an ideal development, user centric real life test environment for a much wider array of game-changing technologies and services. From smart grid energy products to cyber security software, Fredericton leverages its small city nimbleness, collaborative stakeholders and globally competitive intellectual and digital assets to provide the perfect environment for innovation.

Planet Hatch

Qualified knowledge-based start-ups can apply to Fredericton’s Planet Hatch, which includes business and commercialization support, education, and free physical office space within Knowledge Park. The collaborative environment, technology, and R&D leadership continues to fuel innovation in the robust network of research to fuel innovation and growth in the province’s knowledge industry.